Canoe Trips

Canoe trips take place on the Pärnu River system, including the Lemmjõe, Raudna, Halliste, Navesti, and Pärnu rivers, offering stunning views of Soomaa's shores and Tori Hell. Below are some popular routes from which you can choose the one that suits your preferred length and difficulty level. If none of the routes below fit your requirements, feel free to contact us, and we will find a suitable option for you.

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One-Hour Trip in Tori

The one-hour trip is perfect for those passing through Tori. Since the price is per canoe, it's great for families with small children (two kids can sit on the middle seat). In one hour, you can paddle to see Tori Hell, and if you bring fishing gear, you might catch some fish with a little luck.

Duration: 1 hour


The trip starts from the Tori Adventure Center, where you'll be taken to Viira suspension bridge. There, you'll receive instructions and equipment. At the beginning of the trip, the river is calm and wide, giving you time to learn canoeing and cooperate with your paddling partner. Along the way, you'll encounter old mill oak trees, which you'll remember for a long time. The trip ends at the Tori Adventure Center.

Duration: 2-5 hours

Riisa Boardwalk-Tori

The trip starts from the Tori Adventure Center, where you'll be taken to the beginning of the Riisa boardwalk. The boardwalk is about 3 km long and offers a typical bog landscape and vegetation. Then, you'll reach the Navesti River, where you'll receive instructions and equipment. Halfway through the trip, you'll arrive at Jõesuu village, where Navesti River joins the Pärnu River. The river is calm and wide in that section. Soon, you'll encounter old mill oak trees, offering an exciting challenge to overcome. Towards the end of the trip, you'll pass Tori Hell, located above the Old Devil's Stone. The trip concludes at the Tori Adventure Center.

Duration: 3-6 hours


The trip starts from Tori, where you'll be taken to Kaansoo village, receive instructions, and get the equipment. After a few hours of paddling on the Navesti River, you'll reach Täkusaare farmstead. There, we recommend going ashore, having a picnic, and taking a scenic hike to Mardi farmstead's smoke sauna. Afterward, you can paddle a few more kilometers downstream and set up camp. On the second day, you'll pass the Riisa boardwalk, where you can take a walk to see the bog pools. The river gradually widens, and you'll encounter the first serious rapid. Later, you'll pass under the Viira suspension bridge and soon reach Jõesuu village, where you can enjoy local refreshments at the tavern. At Jõesuu, the Navesti River joins the Pärnu River, and the river becomes wider. You'll pass Päästla Hiiesaar and reach Vanksi dam, one of the most challenging rapids during the trip. After that, you'll catch a glimpse of Tori Hell. The trip ends at the Tori Adventure Center.

Duration: Approximately 2 days

bow hunt

Archery Hunts

Meet at the Tori Adventure Center, where you'll be transported to the archery hunt location. There, you'll receive a safety briefing and get the equipment. The hunt consists of 12 target points, and the course features images of various animals and birds. Points are awarded based on the first arrow hit. Each participant has three arrows to shoot at each target. If all three attempts fail to hit the target, no points are awarded. The winner is the participant with the highest points.

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Archery Safety Rules

Project Explanation

During the project, the terrace, originally built in 2004, will be renovated, and a wooden hot tub for up to 10 people will be installed. The aim of the project is to diversify the services offered by Tori Hiking Center. As a result, a new, durable (concrete posts) terrace will be completed, with an innovative wooden hot tub installed, accommodating up to 10 people at a time.

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hot tub

Hot Tub

Relax in a spacious hot tub located by the Pärnu River, comfortably accommodating up to 10 people. After an exciting canoe trip, gather with your friends or family and let the warmth of the water relieve your tired muscles. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, it's the perfect opportunity to unwind and create unforgettable memories. Discover the tranquility of Tori Hiking Center and immerse yourself in a perfect relaxation experience today.

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